9 Generals have been drafted & so many former players are playing college ball!  We are so proud to have been a part of their journey.
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We take a little break in the summer, but stay tuned for information and class schedules.


Defensive Specialist

                                       6  Week  Session

                                           *The Original Baseball Boot Camp Program  
                                                       3 weeks Infield/ 3 weeks Outfield 

                                                                      *Agility Training   
                                           *Footwork, Fielding, Throwing Mechanics

                                           *Base running, Sliding and Situational Drills

                                                       *Ages 8 and up



This is perfect for the player new to the game or the experienced one who wants to refine and improve their skills.  These are the aspects that will separate the average player from the avid player.  When the talent pool is equal, how will your player stand out?  Is it his hustle, baseball knowledge, or sound defense?    Do you have a "complete player?"  It is important to learn as much about every position as possible at a young age.  Our classes are focused yet fun.  The small group training we provide enables our staff to really individualize the class and tailor the drills for every level of player.   

                                                          Bases Loaded

                                                              4 Week Session



                                                     *THROWING MECHANICS


                                  *Also includes our agility training, sliding & base running

                      Ages 8 and up


The Bases Loaded class is designed to offer instruction on a different skill each week for 4 week.  This gives our players the chance to work on some skills that are not covered in our Defensive Specialist program while still incorporating the defensive fundamentals  we value so much with  other aspects of the game.


                                                             BBC BP

BBC Batting Practice is held every Friday night in Chandler.  Players work on Rhythm, Timing, and Stance will working off a T, doing soft toss and hitting off live pitching.  The class usually finishes with a round or two of "Staying Alive."  A favorite of all the players!

                                              *Ages 8 and up


                              Indoor Hitting Class

           A modified version of BP but with a 4 week commitment.  

                                                       Ages 8 and up

Please view the Solo Shots page for information on Private Instruction.   

Even if a Session has already started, you may still participate.  We will always pro-rate tuition so you can start right away instead of waiting till the next Session begins.   Call or write with any questions regarding this option.

We also welcome you to try any Boot Camp class for $50.00.  This enables you to come out and see what we have to offer before committing to an entire session.  Please let us know ahead of time so we can make sure the class is staffed properly.

Class ages are just a guideline.  We realize that not every player fits into a specific category.  Please contact us.  We will help you find the right class for your player.   If when viewing our schedule you do not see a class that works with your availability, please contact us.  We have started waiting lists for certain days and times and may be able to accommodate you.

For more information, you can reach us at:

Or call us at:
(602) 321-8700

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